Thesis access declaration liverpool

If, following the viva, the Examining Board confirmed that you were required to make either Minor Corrections 4 weeks or Corrections and amendments 6 months to your thesis and have these approved by your examiners before the degree can be awarded.

What is the thesis of the Declaration of Independence?

Use black ink for all forms. This information shall be printed along the spine in such a way as to be readable when the volume is lying flat with Thesis access declaration liverpool front cover uppermost.

A checklist has been included to assist you with ensuring you have completed all the necessary steps prior to submitting your work. Loose sheets place in a wallet file are not acceptable. The Declaration of Independence was written to present to the world the position that the British colonies on the North American continent were justified in declaring themselves free from the control of Great Britain.


A late submission fee is imposed on any candidate Thesis access declaration liverpool fails to submit his or her thesis within the prescribed timescale, as detailed in the University Calendar.

Material accepted for the institutional repository should conform to guidelines issued from time to time by Information Services.

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The final electronic version should be clearly labelled and the file name to include: If you wish to attend a congregation, please note that, the thesis must submitted in sufficient time for the examination and requisite administrative procedures to be completed. Extensions to the corrections deadline will only be approved in exceptional circumstances and when a formal application with supporting evidence has been made to the Graduate School.

Certificates are issued during the week of the degree congregations. A4 paper shall be used and should be of good quality and sufficient opacity for normal reading. Oral Examination Re-examinations In the event of a re-examination a further oral examination will normally be required.

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The summary should consist of a piece of connected prose and should not be more than words in length. Students will only be charged one thesis pending fee unless it is considered that they need continued support from their supervisor which is above what would reasonably be expected for a writing-up student this will be decided on a case by case basis but will likely only affect students who are considerably behind in their studies.

It should be written in such a way as to help researchers in the same field decide whether to read the thesis and to give readers who are only marginally concerned in the subject enough information to make it unnecessary for them to read the work in full.

Research Degree Regulations, Guidance and Forms

Abbreviations should be avoided. Types of Binding Permanent Binding If choosing permanent binding, your thesis should be bound permanently within boards, the binding being of a fixed kind in which leaves are permanently secured in the manner of a hardback book, or in paperback binding with plastic overlay.

Candidates may not amend, add, or delete from the thesis after it has been submitted for examination. Please bear in mind, when writing your summary, that this may be the only part of the thesis that is read by other research workers.

Unsuccessful submissions should be returned to the candidate after completion of the examination process. This will enable checking by plagiarism detecting software and ensure that an electronic copy is available during the examination process.

University Of Liverpool Thesis Declaration Form – 353715

Congregations are held once per year in July. The submission process including the dispatch of theses to examiners remains unchanged to the first submission. Colour graphics for charts, diagrams etc. Drawings and sketches shall be in back ink, unnecessary details should be omitted and the scale should be such that the minimum space between lines is not less than 1 mm.

If the work consists of more than one volume, the spine shall also bear the number of each volume.declaration I, the undersigned, hereby declare that this thesis is my own work and that I have not previously submitted it in whole or in part at any university for a degree.

Procedure for the submission of Theses for Examination (PHD, PhDFA, MPhil, LLM (Research) To download a PDF version of the guidelines please click here The following notes will guide you when completing the form necessary for submission of your thesis for examination by Aberystwyth University.

Connect. Share your LJMU experience and get essential news, information and chat from across the University on our social channels. Facebook; YouTube. Dissertation Declaration Board of Graduate Studies Please note that you will also need to bind a copy of this Declaration into your final, hardbound copy of thesis - this has to be the very first page of the hardbound thesis.

1 Surname (Family Name) Forenames(s) Title Access to Dissertation. Important - The 'login status' box is unavailable at present, please use DISCOVER or other links/databases or search boxes as normal, you will be challenged to log in.

The point of the Thesis Access Declaration form is to find out whether you want to restrict access to your thesis and can restrict access for up to five years. We ask you to indicate the reason for applying a restriction on the form.

Thesis access declaration liverpool
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